Market Research & Analysis

We can help do your research as well as analysis. This may be done for both regional and market trends as well as various technologies. Some examples are listed below:

  • December 2016: A brief share on some interesting data sets on Applied Materials
    Insights Capsule - Applied Materials

  • October 2016: A brief share on some interesting data sets on Qualcomm
    Insights Capsule - Qualcomm

  • A semiconductor biz snippet into how the Asia-Pacific region and some companies fared in 2011
    A 2011 snapshot for Semiconductor Business

  • My insights on Outlook 2010 published in EE Times Asia
    Hot buttons for 2010

  • Qualitative Snapshot of Singapore Semiconductor Market Landscape for vision inspection systems
    As the semiconductor industry moves to processing at lower nanometer ranges, the margin for error gets smaller even as the opportunity for significant error grows. These changes need to be accompanied by more stringent calibration and monitoring of the manufacturing process. As a result, in-line automated visual inspection of each step in the IC fabrication process is more important today than ever. Semiconductor fabs use vision inspection in more locations per machine, and within more machines today than ever before - and experts agree that the number of inspection nodes will continue to grow as new process and packaging technologies come on line. This report provides details on the local market landscape for vision inspection systems. This study, supported by Get2Volume is an exhaustive depth field work and carries current data.
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  • MRAM Analysis
    The report,"Magnetoresistive Read Access Memory - An analysis of the MRAM market" covers the competitive landscape for nanotechnology memories. It provides extensive analysis of MRAM, the technology assessment with potential applications and the major players in the market. The MRAM market's outlook along with drivers, barriers and strategies are also examined in detail

  • IC Design House Survey 2006 Analysis
    This is a brief analysis done on the IC Design House survey reports for China and Taiwan (for 2006) compiled by EE Times and available free on their website.

  • Testimonial

    "We gave Meenu the very tough task to provide us with market insight on the semiconductor optical inspection market. Meenu did a great job for us. Through meetings with industry leaders and market data, Meenu provided us with a clear understanding of the market, the players and customer needs in this very specific market", Mike Holt, Managing Partner, Get2Volume

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