What is a Smart Contract?

I share on smart contracts in this episode  – what are they and how to build one. I will cover smart contracts over multiple episodes – this is the first one with an introduction to smart contracts. The next few episodes will cover some real business applications using these as well as the importance of good data in a smart contract.

Welcome to the Blockchain Hustle where I take a look at some interesting plays of how blockchain technology is opening up new business vistas across multiple industries.


[00.17]            Introduction and outline

[00.52]            Vending machine example – granddad of smart contracts

[02.04]            What is a smart contract

[02.20]            Difference between smart contracts and business rules automation software

[03.38]            How to go about making a smart contract

[05.31]            Benefits of using a smart contract and preview to next episode on its business applications

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