Tokenomics – What are Market Makers & Takers?

Liquidity does not just happen. It needs to be built. But how?? Meet Market Makers & Takers – this episode, a part of my Tokenomics series is a delve into what are Market Makers and Takers and how do they work towards adding liquidity and impact the network and token value. Welcome to the Blockchain […]


How does a blockchain network & token get its economic value?

Episode 34: Introduction to the series  How does a blockchain network & token get its economic value? And some of the underlying questions to it like: How does one determine the value of crypto tokens and blockchain projects? Is the token value solely basis the utility it provides access to? The transactions volume? How does […]

Episode 15: Blockchain in Public sector – Part 8 (Some examples – UAE)

Supporting a secure data exchange by Abu Dhabi Digital Authority and the Smart Dubai blockchain payment reconciliation and settlement project are a couple of UAE public sector projects. A key finding here is that the core challenge remains in strategic, operational and regulatory aspects of implementation – rather than on the technical. A brief overview […]

Episode 14: Blockchain in Public sector – Part 7 (Some insights from India)

Sanctity of single source of truth, Suitability of atomic vs. non-atomic transactions, Integration with legacy systems, Initial cost of implementation – these and more as part of some key learnings from blockchain projects pursued by India think tank, Niti Aayog.   Welcome to the Blockchain Hustle where I take a look at some interesting plays […]

Episode 13: Blockchain in Public sector – Part 6 (Some insights from a few projects in Europe)

In the last couple of episodes, I shared a few examples of blockchain projects undertaken in the public sector in Europe. As a quick recap, these include – Land registry in Georgia, Academic credentials in Malta, Smart vouchers in Groningen, Netherlands, Decentralized ID management in Zug, Switzerland and Pension fund management again in Netherlands. In […]

Consensus for my blockchain – what do I need to consider?

How does your blockchain network ensure that all its nodes are working together aligned and securely? How does it reach consensus and finality? There are different categories of blockchains out there. Which one you select depends on where and how do you intend to use it i.e. basis your application. In the previous episode, I […]

Blockchain Hustle Podcast – Introductory episode

Excited to share that my podcast Blockchain Hustle is officially live! In this podcast I take a look at some interesting plays of how blockchain technology is opening up new business vistas across multiple industries. The goal is to evangelize key concepts of blockchain and bridge them from a concept to some real life use […]