How does a blockchain network & token get its economic value?

Episode 34: Introduction to the series 

How does a blockchain network & token get its economic value?

And some of the underlying questions to it like:

  • How does one determine the value of crypto tokens and blockchain projects?
  • Is the token value solely basis the utility it provides access to? The transactions volume?
  • How does the network scale impact the network and token value?
  • …. And more

Basically, How does it generate money for all its stakeholders?

For all these, I figured that I need to understand the market dynamics in which they operate. This series is a share of some of my learnings in this process.

Welcome to the Blockchain Hustle where I take a look at some interesting plays of how blockchain technology is opening up new business vistas across multiple industries.


0:0    Welcome to Blockchain Hustle

0:17    Recap of previous series – Concepts, Blockchain in the Public sector, Blockchain in the New norm

1:38    Introduction to the series – “Tokenomics – How does a blockchain network & token get its economic value?”

2:35    Some underlying questions

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