Episode 10: Blockchain in Public sector – Part 3 (Requisite infrastructure & features)

With the context of the transforming public – private engagements shared in the last episode, I present in this episode what this entails and list out a few required facets and corresponding blockchain features that can be leveraged for the same. This is followed by main areas in public sector which hold most promise for […]


Episode 9: Blockchain in Public sector – Part 2 (Roles & Expectations)

In the 2nd episode of this series of Blockchain in Public sector, I set down the primary context basis which we will explore the infrastructure required and how blockchain comes up as an important lever. Will present the role of the government (and hence public sector) along with the expectations of the citizens.  Welcome to […]

Episode 8: Blockchain in Public sector – Part 1 (An Introduction)

We hear a lot on how blockchain is helping industries reinvent their operations and offerings. But what about when it comes to reshaping the public sector? Does blockchain have a role here? If so, what and how? Especially in these times when the entire public sector – citizens & businesses engagement models are getting transformed […]

Consensus for my blockchain – what do I need to consider?

How does your blockchain network ensure that all its nodes are working together aligned and securely? How does it reach consensus and finality? There are different categories of blockchains out there. Which one you select depends on where and how do you intend to use it i.e. basis your application. In the previous episode, I […]

Which type of Blockchain should I select?

There are different categories of blockchains out there. Which one you select depends on where and how do you intend to use it i.e. basis your application. In this and the next episode I share a brief snippet on the types of blockchains along with some blockchain consensus mechanisms. Hope these will help towards your […]

Why do you need Oracles for your Smart Contracts?

Starting with the share on the importance of data in smart contracts I proceed to cover oracles – what are they, their need and some categories of oracles. I talk about the Oracle problem and how it is being addressed – taking ChainLink and TownCrier examples. Welcome to the Blockchain Hustle where I take a […]

Why you need Smart Contracts for your Business – Part 2

This episode is the second part of the share on how some enterprises are leveraging smart contracts in their businesses (here’s the link to the part 1 podcast). Applications include Supply chain logistics, Cloud storage, Identity and access management and Insurance and I share this along with examples of companies using these. Welcome to the […]

What is a Smart Contract?

I share on smart contracts in this episode  – what are they and how to build one. I will cover smart contracts over multiple episodes – this is the first one with an introduction to smart contracts. The next few episodes will cover some real business applications using these as well as the importance of […]

Asset Tokenization – make your assets more liquid, fungible and tradeable

In episode 1, I discuss Asset Tokenization – what is it and what is its significance in the enterprise space. I will start with what is a token – the concept and then share some details on tokenizing of an asset – what it is, its significance in businesses, some economic biz models along with […]

Blockchain Hustle Podcast – Introductory episode

Excited to share that my podcast Blockchain Hustle is officially live! In this podcast I take a look at some interesting plays of how blockchain technology is opening up new business vistas across multiple industries. The goal is to evangelize key concepts of blockchain and bridge them from a concept to some real life use […]