Slippage – What you should know about it

Episode 48: Slippage – What you should know about it What is slippage? What causes slippage and how can you address it? Slippage is a key topic in Tokenomics and an important cog to consider while trading especially when it involves crypto tokens.  If you want to find out some answers to these, do tune […]


Episode 16: Blockchain in Public sector – Part 9 (Some examples – Thailand)

Data management and exchange, Identity management, Traceability and food safety – these are the 3 major blockchain use cases cited by Thailand’s Digital Government Agency (DGA). The Thailand government has undertaken blockchain projects across transportation and logistics, Voting, Tracking agri produce, Tourist VAT refunds, Government e-procurement, National trade platform and more.  A brief overview on […]

Episode 15: Blockchain in Public sector – Part 8 (Some examples – UAE)

Supporting a secure data exchange by Abu Dhabi Digital Authority and the Smart Dubai blockchain payment reconciliation and settlement project are a couple of UAE public sector projects. A key finding here is that the core challenge remains in strategic, operational and regulatory aspects of implementation – rather than on the technical. A brief overview […]

Why you need Smart Contracts for your Business – Part 1

This episode is the first part of the share on how some enterprises are leveraging smart contracts in their businesses. I speak about how some companies have improved their business process efficiencies by converting these processes to blockchain logic and incorporating smart contracts. Welcome to the Blockchain Hustle where I take a look at some […]

New Power – And the Semiconductor context

In the article, “Understanding New Power” in HBR Dec 2014 issue, the authors Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms talk about the shifting of power in the world. While the old power is held by few (and jealously guarded once gained), is closed, inaccessible and leader driven, the new power is made by many, open, participatory […]