Morphing Automotive Insurance in the realm of Autonomous Vehicles

Came across this Point of View paper from Accenture on Autonomous Vehicles – plotting a route to the driverless future. An interesting and useful read examining the immediate impact of AV adoption on a few industry segments – including the insurance industry. As with other businesses that get disrupted at the crossroads of multiple factors […]


Data Mobilization to Data Monetization

Continuing on my earlier posts on a few interesting data sets on some select startups (and scale ups) in the autonomous driving eco-system…………. There was a recent article in Business Insider which cited Morgan Stanley’s auto and mobility analyst Adam Jonas’ view of connected cars in his Auto 2.0 future as mobile real estates, data […]

Powering the entire autonomous mobility system using Deep Learning

Continuing on my earlier posts on a few interesting data sets on some select startups (and scale ups) in the autonomous driving eco-system…………. An end to end deep learning structured autonomous system – now that is a great holistic way to build up one for mobility. While most of the players are applying AI with […]

20 trailblazers transforming transportation

Autonomous driving has been garnering a lot of attention for quite some time. However the recent public trials, entry of more players with millions of miles getting logged in along with the attention and scrutiny being outlined by various policy makers – all this and more has thrust autonomous driving to the forefront of general […]

Transforming value of the smartphone

The smartphone’s value is undergoing a dramatic change – from a device facilitating various consumer functions like communicating, computing, internet access, e-wallet, camera, apps interface and such others such to a data mother lode – a source of millions of data points collected on it. Couple that with the fact that data is the fuel […]

Embedded vision chips, IoT and the semiconductor industry

There is more to in the IoT bandwagon for the semiconductor industry than filling up traditional hardware sockets – this has been one of my pet thinking cap topic for quite some time now. On these lines, an interesting news article that caught my attention a few days back was on Movidius extending its partnership […]

Further on IoT opportunities for semiconductor industry

Continuing from an earlier post on the above topic…….. One of the “perks” of managing and chairing a session as well as moderating a panel discussion in it for SEMI, is that one gets to have a good marketing and PR coverage – company logo displayed on banners and show handouts, online marketing channels as […]

More than hardware sockets – Opportunities for semiconductor industry in IoT

In October 2011, four months shy of filing for bankruptcy, the CEO of a major player XXX told investors, “XXX is using state of the art production technology, yet the finished products are sold for half the price of a rice ball”. Guess the industry and the player mentioned above….. Well, the industry is semiconductors […]