Token value and Velocity problem

Episode 49: Token value and Velocity Problem Token Velocity and Liquidity are a couple of key factors impacting the value/price of a token. Having covered liquidity across several previous episodes I now look at the token velocity. How does the token velocity, or rather it’s hold time, affect the token price? What is the equation […]


Slippage – What you should know about it

Episode 48: Slippage – What you should know about it What is slippage? What causes slippage and how can you address it? Slippage is a key topic in Tokenomics and an important cog to consider while trading especially when it involves crypto tokens.  If you want to find out some answers to these, do tune […]

Make your Liquidity work harder

Episode 47: Make your Liquidity work harder How are the liquidity providers incentivized to stake or lock their crypto assets towards building up liquidity for tokens? This episode looks at a few modes in this space. Welcome to the Blockchain Hustle where I look at some interesting plays of how blockchain technology is opening new […]