Why do you need Oracles for your Smart Contracts?

Starting with the share on the importance of data in smart contracts I proceed to cover oracles – what are they, their need and some categories of oracles. I talk about the Oracle problem and how it is being addressed – taking ChainLink and TownCrier examples. Welcome to the Blockchain Hustle where I take a […]


Why you need Smart Contracts for your Business – Part 2

This episode is the second part of the share on how some enterprises are leveraging smart contracts in their businesses (here’s the link to the part 1 podcast). Applications include Supply chain logistics, Cloud storage, Identity and access management and Insurance and I share this along with examples of companies using these. Welcome to the […]

What is a Smart Contract?

I share on smart contracts in this episode  – what are they and how to build one. I will cover smart contracts over multiple episodes – this is the first one with an introduction to smart contracts. The next few episodes will cover some real business applications using these as well as the importance of […]

Asset Tokenization – make your assets more liquid, fungible and tradeable

In episode 1, I discuss Asset Tokenization – what is it and what is its significance in the enterprise space. I will start with what is a token – the concept and then share some details on tokenizing of an asset – what it is, its significance in businesses, some economic biz models along with […]