Laser equipped smart fence beefing up the border

This is the 1st of my 5 parts posts on some of the trailblazers that are flicking gears in autonomous transportation.

The term vision sensors usually evokes applications like autonomous cars, robots, drones, healthcare, Industrial IoT, security. But throw in a Smart Fence in the last category – now that gets intriguing!

I have recently been working on a brief on some interesting data sets about some select startups (and scale ups) in the autonomous driving eco-system. One of the companies I looked into includes Quanergy. And that is when I found a news article mentioning the startup’s interest in a smart fence.

Quoting from the San Jose Inside article on Trump’s border wall, U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued two requests for proposals: one for a concrete barrier and one for “other border wall.” Quanergy submitted its smart-fence proposal to the “other” category”.

A smart fence vs. the physical border wall.

Talking about physical and virtual, Singapore too is planning for virtual/satellite based Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) to replace the present physical gantries by 2020 – but then I am digressing…..

Quanergy was one of the first ones to come up with solid state LiDAR solution. A major challenge faced by tech companies is of scaling up – and that is one aspect where the incumbents especially the automotive manufacturers have an edge. Quanergy is addressing this by partnering with Flextronics.

Below is the Quanergy snippet from my brief:


Look out for my 2nd of 5 parts post on this topic later this week.


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